Our Judgements
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Our Judgements — mp3 Audio Talk
Claiming the Gift of Our Shadows
by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone

It is in the shadows that we find our missing pieces - those that we have discarded over the years fearing that they were unacceptable or that we were not entitled to keep them as part of our human birthright!

Paradoxically, it is these pieces - these disowned selves - that we need to reclaim in order to complete ourselves and become conscious human beings.

And it is our judgments that guide us in the discovery of these missing pieces. It is our judgments that can show us what we have disowned.

Most of us have been taught that being judgmental is wrong so we try our best not to be. A conscious person does not judge others. A good person does not judge others.

We do not like people who judge others (particularly if they are judging us)!

In this lively and often-amusing two hour mp3, Hal and Sidra Stone show you the gift of your judgments. If - instead of trying to override them - you look closely at what they highlight in others, you will see clearly what you are hiding from the world and from yourself. And you will find that each carries its own unexpected gift.

This is an exciting and brave journey.
Bon voyage!

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