What is "Voice Dialogue"?

Voice Dialogue is the specific method we developed to explore the world of the Selves – also known as sub-personalities. This method requires two people: a facilitator and the subject being facilitated. The job of the facilitator is to help the subject become aware of, and to experience, the various Selves that run our lives and to learn how to use them in a conscious way through the development of an Aware Ego Process.

For a more complete description of the way Voice Dialogue actually works, check out the article Voice Dialogue: An Introduction to the Use of Voice Dialogue in our Reading Room. There are many exciting ways to work with selves and therapists of all persuasions are doing this in one way or other. If you do journal writing, you might write to the selves in a journal. This is often referred to as Self Dialogue and can be very helpful, but it is not Voice Dialogue.

You may be in a therapy group where different selves get a chance to come out in the group as part of an exercise. This is exciting and valuable work, but it is not Voice Dialogue. We mention this because so many people like to refer to anything that is done with a self as being Voice Dialogue and the actual process can be easily lost.


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The Basic Elements of Voice Dialogue
Voice Dialogue IntroductionVoice Dialogue IntroductionVoice Dialogue Introduction
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Article by Sidra Stone

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