Armstrongs' Counselling Services (ACS)

10027 - 166 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5P 4Y1


Offering Continuing Education Credits

Learning and Teaching Curriculum This multi dimensional curriculum covers all the concepts of Voice Dialogue, Psychology of the Selves in Relationship with the Aware Ego Process, in hardcopy (Guides) or Power Point Presentation (CD) formats. This curriculum has been approved and endorsed by the founders, Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone to fully describe the concepts of Voice Dialogue, Psychology of the Selves in Relationship with the Aware Ego Process. This learning or teaching curriculum utilizes examples and illustrations for learners and teachers alike on three levels of understanding from the: Introductory, Intermediate to the Advanced level. To order these resources refer to the website:

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Detailed information
About This Center
Training Facility

  • training room accomodates 20 - 30 people
  • full kitchen facilities
  • two bathrooms
  • wheelchair accessible
  • multi media teaching resources available
  • internet facilities available for conference calls
  • two breakout rooms available
  • free parking
  • within walking distance of many hotels & restaurants
  • located on frequent west and alternate east bus routes
  • Rental rates: ($150 - $175 per day)
  • easy access by car on Stoney Plain Road:
    10027 - 166 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5P 4Y1
    Phone: 1.780.444.4399 or 1.780.489.6389
  • Staff Members

    Murray J. Armstrong, MSW, RSW
    45+ years of experience
    Indivual, Marital, Family & Group Therapy
    Specializing in Men's Issues
    Senior Facilitator/Trainer in Voice Dialogue

    Donna C. Armstrong, B. Ed.
    20+ years as a Voice Dialogue Facilitator/Trainer
    Individual and Couple's Coach
    Specializing in Women's Issues

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