Martin Thoolen, MSc.

Martin Thoolen

Awareness at Work

Nieuwveens Jaagpad 86
The Netherlands


I'm dedicated in increasing self-awareness in people as a way to contribute to a better world. I'm passionate in exploring new grounds of human development. Apart from my educations and professional experience, I love to be inspired by travels (encountering native people around the world), nature, dreams and music.

Languages Spoken: English, Dutch

Detailed information

About This Practice

Practicing Since 1995
Teaching Since 1996

Title/Field School Date
MSc. University of Utrecht 1990
Type Granting Organization Date
EuroPsy Psychologist EPFA 2014
Professional Background
As a Senior Coach/Trainerand Organizational Psychologist I apply voice dialogue as a professional since 1995. Over the years I have provided (international) retreats, trainings, seminars, presentations and (online) coachings in the company 'Circumference' with Wendy Hobbelink from 1999-2018. Mainly for people working in organizations. We have published an array of articles, blogs and a book in Dutch ('Rijkdom is gratis!').

Currently I am extending my work as an awareness facilitator also providing international (Personal) Leadership Programs. Check out:



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