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I first discovered Voice Dialogue in 1987, through the suggestion and facilitation of my dear friend, Shakti Gawain. I was in a stuck place feeling “burned-out” in the way I was approaching my work as a psychotherapist. At the time, I believed that I needed to have the answers for my clients’ problems.

Shakti generously offered to facilitate me in several Voice Dialogue sessions. My appreciation of the power and truth in this work ignited in me a powerful commitment to learn and practice it, from then on.

Because I was lucky enough to be driving distance from Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, the founders of this work, I sought them out regularly, to learn from them directly. I passionately began attending their trainings, absorbing their teachings, and learning from them as mentors and highly skilled clinicians.

As a Facilitator, I quickly discovered that it was not my job to have all the answers. Instead, I began to focus on cultivating a new kind of awareness and real choice in people - as they learned how separate from their automatic reactions and habitual (and limited) sense of who they thought they were.

This approach naturally generates lasting and desired changes. In my own example, my “burn-out” was replaced with a sense of presence, excitement, and flow that continues to this day.

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Practicing Since 1989
Teaching Since 1995

Offering Continuing Education Credits

Areas of Interest:
As a licensed psychotherapist, a psycho-spiritual counselor, and a Voice Dialogue Facilitator, I am trained and interested in helping people learn and grow beyond their presenting problems/issues. This would include such struggles as poor sense of self-love and self-esteem, a sense of shame and ‘not-enough-ness’, battling a strong inner-critic, questions about gender identity, and/or desires for greater intimacy, meaning, and purpose in life.

These themes are very common in our current culture. In an atmosphere of respect and curiosity, we explore how to “upgrade” the unconscious habits of personality/identity that are keeping these difficulties and frustrations in place.

Voice Dialogue and the Aware Ego Process provides an organic and simple method for the transformation of consciousness.

I have been told that what many appreciate about working with me is my clarity, humor, kindness, and sensitivity…. along with a grounded, seasoned practicality. My approach is gentle, and safety is a priority. Our work tends to catalyze desired and sometimes new and surprising lasting changes.
When practiced over time, once-stuck patterns give way to new ways of perceiving, behaving, and being that more successfully nurture and express who we are, and want to be, today.

Title/Field School Date
MSW Bryn Mawr School of Social Work 1972
Title State Date
LCSW CA 1978
Professional Background
My early training to be a psychotherapist was fairly traditional, as was my 5 years of work in Community Mental Health. This gave me a solid foundation to push off from when I came to the Bay Area in the late '70's.

Through the '80's-'90's I immersed myself in studying Holistic Health, Transpersonal Psychology, and the Intuitive Healing Arts. A highlight of that rich and formative period was discovering Hal and Sidra Stone, and training in Voice Dialogue. It rang so true to me, in both my personal and professional work, that over all the different tools, techniques, and languages of transformation I have learned, Voice Dialogue organically became my "native tongue."

Basic Voice Dialogue Training(s)
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
Voice Dialogue IntensivesAlbion, CA06/88- 06/94Every year, as well as private sessions Hal and Sidra Stone



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