Iudita Harlan,

Iudita Harlan
San Francisco, CA / Aurora, OH


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I am a visual artist and enjoy supporting the creative process in my clients' journey.
Being the daughter of Holocaust survivors I have a deep sensitivity to and interest in how we come to terms with our unique history and the individuation process.
I immigrated to the U.S from Romania in 1966 and have a keen sense of the gifts and difficulties of being the "outsider".

Available globally using Zoom, Skype and Phone

Languages Spoken: English, Hungarian

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About This Practice

Practicing Since 1987
Teaching Since 1995

Additional Modalities: Hellerwork Structural Bodywork
Sitting with Selves

Areas of Interest: I specialize in working with small groups and individuals dealing with compulsive behavior issues, sexual and physical trauma issues and lately have a great interest in how group support can help strengthen the Aware Ego process.

Type Granting Organization Date
Advanced Hellerwork Practitioner Hellerwork International 1987
Professional Background
My initial exposure to Voice Dialogue came in the years 1987 and 1988 as part of my Hellerwork Structural bodywork training. I immediately took to this elegant way of working with selves and started combining body centered awareness with voice dialogue facilitation.
My love affair with the work deepened as I started attending Drs.Stone Mendocino Intensives starting in 1995.
I have continued to study directly with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, accruing over 600 hours of personal training,
I became a Senior Staff member in 2001 and have continued to have the honor and pleasure to staff at their yearly intensives.
I find that this direct ongoing apprenticing with my teachers is the best way to continue to unfold and awaken the great ongoing mystery that is the Aware Ego process.
I completed my training as a Hellerwork Practitioner in 1987 and have continued to offer this powerful way of unwinding the body/mind through the eleven session series.
I have co-created, with Jonah Koslen, the "Sitting with Selves" contemplation method as well as "Couplettes", a new way to communicate in relationship.
Both these techniques are designed to encourage the strengthening of the Aware ego process.
Basic Voice Dialogue Training(s)
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
Drs.Stones Thera Intensives and individual workMendocino,CA1995 thru present600 plus hoursDrs.Hal and Sidra Stone
Continuing Voice Dialogue Education*
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
Individual SupervisionCleveland, Ohio2000 thru presentmanyDianne Braden, Jumgian analyst, facilitator

* The most recent workshops.


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