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Voice Dialogue is my work and my passion! I am a poet and for me the Voice Dialogue work I do with people is full of creativity, imagination, and intuition. I keep looking for new ways to make this process available to a wider community of people. To that end I published The Voice Dialogue Facilitator's Handbook as a textbook for supporting training in facilitation, and I began offering Dream Group Teleclasses and Facilitator TeleSeminars to make the work m ore available to people worldwide. My audio CD set, "Exploring Your Inner Landscape", gives the listener a beginning way to access and separate from selves through guided exercises even without a facilitator. I have also since 1998 been developing Voice Dialogue Sand Play work as a doorway into the Unconscious and a deepening of the Voice Dialogue process.

Languages Spoken: English

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About This Practice

Practicing Since 1983

Offering Continuing Education Credits

Additional Modalities: Social Artistry—several years training with Dr. Jean Houston in developing human capacities. I am beginning to offer workshops in Social Artistry.

Areas of Interest: I have a private practice in offering Voice Dialogue facilitation for individuals and couples as well as Voice Dialogue Sand Play sessions. My work is especially effective for people who are struggling with relationship issues or life transitions, who feel immobilized by their own inner conflicts, or for those who are actively seeking a deeper sense of balance, wholeness, and creative expression in their lives. I have extensive experience working in Voice Dialogue with issues of pre- and peri-natal shock and trauma, sexual addiction, and recovery from abuse. I am available for phone facilitations and supervisory consultations for other facilitators.

Title/Field School Date
B.A. Oberlin College 1967
Title State Date
Registered Counselor WA 1996
Professional Background

I began learning Voice Dialogue facilitation in 1983 in New York with Anna Ivara and have had the great good fortune to learn from and work with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone since the mid 1980's when I attended both SummerKamp and Winter Institute in California and assisted at the Stones' workshops in New York. Since the mid 1990's I have worked with the Stones as a senior staff member for the programs they hold at their home in northern California.

In 1999 I published "The Voice Dialogue Facilitator's Handbook" to create support for people worldwide wanting to learn this work, and since that time I have been teaching facilitator trainings in the Seattle area.

In 2004 Cassandra Cosme De Pree and I formed The Voice Dialogue Institute offering introductory Voice Dialogue workshops as well as beginning and advanced trainings in facilitation. I am currently on staff for Voice Dialogue Summer Camp in Oregon. Prior to my involvement with Voice Dialogue I was a Shiatsu teacher and practitioner, and that work gave me an excellent background in energy awareness. I also for a number of years worked with Robert Fritz, teaching beginning and advanced DMA courses (now Technologies for Creating®) as well as training other teachers. This gave me direct experience and training in leading groups, structuring workshops and trainings, and understanding the dynamics of the learning process.

My entire life has schooled me in balancing between opposites beginning with a childhood growing up in both Greece and Missouri, dealing with a wide range of socio-economic realities, and working in the contrasting worlds of mystical poetry (three books published) and entrepreneurial business. Years of experience with meditation and visualization have fed my imagination and intuition as a facilitator and teacher. Perhaps most importantly working consciously with the dynamics of my primary relationships has provided a superb (if often uncomfortable) classroom for learning about "the dance of the selves", the challenge of managing my energy, and the nature of developing an Aware Ego process.

Basic Voice Dialogue Training(s)
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
Ongoing beginning, intermediate and advanced trainingsNew York City, New York, USA1983-1986Anna Ivara, Hal Stone, Sidra Stone
SummerKampSherman Oaks, CA, USASummer, 19847 daysHal and Sidra Stone
Winter InstituteSherman Oaks, CA, USAWinter, 19864 daysHal and Sidra Stone
Continuing Voice Dialogue Education*
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
Intensive programs at DelosAlbion, CA1994-20106 day programs, 1-3 times a year, staffingHal and Sidra Stone
Social ArtistryAshland, OR USA2006-201040 days totalDr. Jean Houston

* The most recent workshops.


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