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My first meeting with Voice Dialogue was in 1988 or thereabouts. Though I could not realize at the time to what extent it would influence my entire life, I already knew, as I was reading Hal and Sidra's first book, that this was a major turning point. It was an awakening, a realization of truth. I was in my early twenties at the time, but I knew I had a magic key in my hand: within me there are many Selves and they are all, even the strangest and darkest of them, fascinating, empowering and just fine and I am okay as I am. Since then, for 22 years and counting, I came to know and enjoy more and more of my own and others' inner Selves.

In the years since then I have also learned and developed additional ways of working with inner Selves (such as the Journey Home workshop) dreams, shamanic journeys and more, and I have been very lucky to collaborate with fascinating people in bringing new ways of work into being.

I am also working in collaboration with others in the field of collectives and Collective Selves, and the work is both fascinating and healing as we reveal and create it step by step.

I am committed to help as many people as possible to accept themselves and all their voices in a healthy and safe way, to help empower and transform leaders to work from the aware ego and honor all the Selves, to help empower, heal and transform women, Jews, Arabs so they can work towards peace through an aware ego process, to empower therapists, coaches, teachers, artists to acknowledge their selves and their clients' selves.

I am committed to do my best to widen our knowledge of life, the psyche and all their mysteries and to teach and learn how to live well.

Languages Spoken: Hebrew, English

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About This Practice

Practicing Since 1997
Teaching Since 2007

Additional Modalities: Collective Selves Work, Dream Work, Shamanic Work.

Professional Background
Author of 'The Demon, the Nun and The Magical Child - A Journey to the Selves Within Us' - a book about Voice Dialogue (in Hebrew).

Voice Dialogue Teacher - Teaching Voice Dialogue Facilitation to psychologists, therapists, coaches, social workers etc. (and, in special cases, people who are simply gifted).

Lectures about Voice Dialogue in psychiatric hospitals, to teachers and counselors etc., and to the general public.

Workshops and courses for professionals and the general public.

Collective Voices - exploration and development of this new field and group work. Teaching others to work with collective voices.

Transformational personal and collective work

Dream Work teacher and guide.

Shamanic Journeys teacher and guide.

Collaboration with political, business and spiritual leaders to further a transformation of Israel and a global transformation.

Constant exploration of new ways of working with personal and collective voices, dreams and more.

One-on-one sessions with therapists, psychologists, actors, psychiatrists, artists, leaders, coaches, gardeners, etc.

Partnership work with couples.

Workshops for children.
Continuing Voice Dialogue Education*
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Constant work with colleagues in Israel and abroad

* The most recent workshops.


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