Peter Dellensen

Peter Dellensen

Transforming Dialogue

Blagdon Hill
Martinstown, Dorset


I have ten years experience in the practice of Tibetan Buddhism: this knowledge and experience is an important basis for my approach to the work. My background as language and drama teacher in schools and at a teacher training college is giving me a strong foundation in language expression and in social and emotional skills. I specialise in relationship work and in training professionals, and I have my own practice using Voice Dialogue for individual and couple sessions and coaching.

Languages Spoken: Dutch, English, German, French

Detailed information

About This Practice

Practicing Since 1994
Teaching Since 1997

Areas of Interest: Training professionals, couple work, dream work.

Professional Background
Teacher at teacher training centre, co-trainer at ITP for 4 years, assisted Hal& Sidra in U.S, Netherlands and U.K.,
studied Dzogchen at Nyingma Institute for 10 years, trained in systemic work, certified as dreamworker by Robert Bosnak, giving 3 years courses in Netherlands and U.K. since 2001 in Voice Dialogue together with Trilby Fairfax.
Basic Voice Dialogue Training(s)
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
ITP 3 year courseNetherlands1993-1996Robert Stamboliev & staff



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