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I’ve been actively working and practicing with Voice Dialogue and the psychology of the aware ego for over 30 years. I’m grateful for every day that these transformative tools have been in my life. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I use Voice Dialogue as a lens or a basic framework of understanding.

My passion is to be a catalyst for greater self-acceptance, inner wisdom and freedom and Voice Dialogue is a natural avenue. My clients report experiencing respect and safety and feel more awake and alive in their lives. My approach, which blends traditional therapy with spiritual and energy work, is both caring and empowering, compassionate yet challenging.

Voice Dialogue Trainings

It is difficult to summarize my experience of and growth with Voice Dialogue. From 1977, it has included multiple workshops with Hal and Sidra, Summer Camp (initially in their back yard) in the 1980’s and individual sessions with Hal and Sidra in Southern California. I have lost count of the number of times I have been at their workshops in person and experienced them again and again in recorded forms. Rather than saying I have been trained in Voice Dialogue, it might be more accurate to say I have been shaped by Voice Dialogue for almost my entire career so that it permeates my life as well as my work.

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About This Practice

Practicing Since 1980
Teaching Since 1985

Additional Modalities: A therapy session can include a wide range of approaches and modalities. Next to my therapy chair hangs a large white board. There I often help clients map their “selves” which often easily moves to leading them through Voice Dialogue facilitation. Sand tray or other three dimensional illustrations with objects to sculpt/portray events or dynamics are also often part of a session. In addition, I may draw upon other modalities including EMDR and resource development, guided imagery, Qigong and energy work, NIA, Integrated Body Psychotherapy, Imago relationship therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, dreamwork, conflict resolution, sex therapy and intimacy enhancement.

The result is that each session is tailored to the needs of the client. I offer extended sessions in addition to the traditional hour framework.

Areas of Interest: Most of my current practice centers on adults and relationships. I work with a wide population including various sexual orientations, relationship configurations, and intimacy issues. At times I am able to facilitate recovery from betrayal to renewal & recommitment. I love helping couples learn to like each other again when they’ve begun telling stories that blur their vision.

Title/Field School Date
M.A./Human Development Pacific Oaks College 1983
Title State Date
MFT CA 1985
LMFT OR 1991
Type Granting Organization Date
Clinical Memeber AAMFT 1985
Professional Background
I’ve been a teacher of Voice Dialogue and selves work for many years. I’ve led workshops, retreats, professional meetings, cross disciplinary meetings, and ongoing classes. I’ve been invited to be a facilitator for trainings led by Hal and Sidra Stone. I am available for phone consultations and trainings both nationally and abroad.

Directly out of college in 1967 I felt fortunate to create a job at UCLA Medical Center as the first director of the therapeutic play program in pediatrics. Beginning my work in early childhood education, especially with children facing the potential trauma of illness and hospitalization has given me a deep appreciation for, and sensitivity to, our “inner children.”

This led to a time of teaching at a state university in child development and the publication of my work (A Pediatric Play Program, 1975). This work also drew me to learn more about the intrapsychic process so I could go deeper with myself and others. Around this time I was fortunate enough to discover the Stones’ work in 1977 through my participation in a group which worked with children in various stages of death and dying under the Center for Healing Arts in Los Angeles.

I also bring the concepts of the psychology of the aware ego to my community service and my personal life. My professional background enriches the volunteer work with the Returning Veterans Project and a Critical Incident Stress Debriefing group. My family, friends and colleagues also benefit when my own “aware ego process” is on top of its game. Using a metaphor I have adapted from my own marriage, I have found the “aware ego process” helps me to realize when I have turned an "innocent bunny" into a "ferocious monster." A step back (or up) to that awareness helps me to move out of “stories” so I can emerge into a more loving view of people and situations.

Growth and on-going healing are the goals and joys of life both for myself and for the people I serve as a transformative companion.
Basic Voice Dialogue Training(s)
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
Individual work, Summer Camp, and many othersCalifornia, Oregon1977 to presentWeeksHal and Sidra Stone
Continuing Voice Dialogue Education*
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
See Personal Statement above

* The most recent workshops.


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