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Stepparenting — mp3 Audio Talk
Three-hour listening time
with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone
$10.49mp3 (large 122mb download)

Hal and Sidra have lived the stepparenting experience personally as well as having worked with it professionally. This talk will help you to untangle the conflicting values and loyalties and to give meaning and a sense of journey to the confusion and the often tumultuous emotions that come with a blended family.

Stepparenting is a challenge for everyone concerned, but there are unique gifts that it can bring. Using their theories of bonding patterns, their knowledge of primary and disowned selves and the Aware Ego process, and their groundbreaking Work with the energetic aspects of relationship, the Stones open up a new world of possibilities and a deeper level of understanding to stepparents.

Here they bring their own psychospiritual yet practical perspective to stepparenting as they discuss both the difficulties and the amazing possibilities with clarity simplicity and humor.
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Article by Sidra Stone

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