The Energetics of Voice Dialogue
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The Energetics of Voice Dialogue

The Energetics of Voice Dialogue

— softcover
by Robert Stamboliev

In this book the energetic aspects of the psychological method of Voice Dialogue are explored, developed and demonstrated. An overview of the consciousness model developed by Hal & Sidra Stone is presented as a foundation, to understand the energetic element in Voice Dialogue. The book also utilizes selected material from the esoteric healing traditions and Tai Chi Chuan to give a larger understanding of basic principles operating in this facilitation technique. They enable movements and shifts of energy patterns in transformational work. Robert Stamboliev is an energy dancer and it is this sensitivity to energy that he has mastered and that he describes so well in this book.

The Basic Elements of Voice Dialogue
Voice Dialogue IntroductionVoice Dialogue IntroductionVoice Dialogue Introduction
Selves in a Box
Article by Sidra Stone

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